Books for 8 Year Olds

6 Amaizing Children’s Books for 8 Year Olds

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 1. Wonder  |  2. The One and Only Ivan  |  3. Dr. Suess’s book collection  |  4. Where the Sidewalk Ends  |  5. Dinosaurs Before Dark  |  The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The third wheel  |  Please leave your feedback



There are numerous benefits when you read books for 8 year olds to your child. Studies show that the key to the educational success of a child begins in his or her early intellectual, social and physical development. Below are some books that will benefit the growth of your child.

#1 Wonder

Is a best seller book written by R.J. Palacio which is uplifting, funny and easy to comprehend. It is one of the books for eight year olds that your kids will definitely love.

It tells a story about a young boy who has a facial deformity which prevents him to live a normal life like going to school and being treated like any other normal kid his age.

The story begins from the lead characters point of view and later on changes to take in the point of view of his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, classmate and others.


#2 The One and Only Ivan

A book written by Katherine Applegate is a story about a gorilla which resides in a mall.

The gorilla called Ivan becomes so accustomed to live along with the humans that he forgets about his life in the jungle.

He makes friends with Stella the elephant and Bob the dog.

The story makes a twist when he met a baby elephant named Ruby who is taken away from her family and forcefully brought to the city.

This is one of the books for 8 year old that tells about friendship, love, family and hope.


#3 Dr. Suess’s book collection

Written by Dr. Seuss himself is a compilation of five books that will definitely entertain the minds of children.

It is one of the best books for 8 year olds that are considered to be a winner.

Some of the books that are included are the well-loved Cat in the Hat and Hop and Pop. It is perfect for story telling with other kinds and for reading alone as well.

It will stir the imagination of children and will make them more interested on adventure books that will take them to faraway places by imagining.



#4 Where the Sidewalk Ends

Is a famous book written by Shel Silverstein. It is considered as one of the best books for 8 year olds because of the wonderful illustrations and drawings that are included.

The book is not merely a story, it is made of poems that are so beautifully woven together that they even rhyme.

It is written with humor and jokes that would make any child laugh while reading it.

Kids will definitely have a good time reading the profound words that are well-written. Your kids may even learn to rhyme as soon as they finished reading.


#5 Dinosaurs Before Dark

A series authored by Mary Pope Osborne called Magic Tree House is especially written for kids. Categorized under good books for 8 year olds, kids can go out on an adventure without leaving the house.

The story includes the characters Jack and his younger sister Annie who accidentally discovered a tree house that is filled with all kinds of books.

Soon after, they are already traversing time and space having all sorts of adventurers that kids would definitely love.

They find themselves witnessing a dinosaur hatch from eggs and looking for pirate treasure in a cool, abandoned and ghostly ship.


#6 The Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The third wheel

Written by Jeff Kinney is one of the children books that any kids would love to have.

The story revolves around Greg Heffley and his struggles of having a great partner during the school dance.

Greg, determined not to be left out, develops a plan to look for someone or anyone at all to go with him.

However, due to some reasons, his plans go out of hand and left with an option to go the dance with his best friend.

It is among the entertaining books for kindergarteners that kids would surely be engrossed in reading.



Book for kids will definitely entertain your child in a way that any other games cannot do. Books are a great way to develop the intellectual development of your kids. You can even read these books for 8 year olds together with your kids, to have fun and enjoy with them.