Books for 7 Year Olds

5 Interesting and Engaging Children’s Books for 7 Year Olds

Table of Contents

 1. The Guardians  |  2. The New Captain Underpants Collection  |  3. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid  |  4. Magic Tree House: Stallion by Starlight  |  5. It’s So Amazing!  |  Please leave your feedback



Childrens book is an interesting way to educate young ones, as this also help children to develop their imagination and reading skills. At the same time, it is a perfect idea to encourage the love for reading at an early age. There are a lot of remarkable books for 7 year olds these days that also present a moral lesson. Here is a short list of books for seven year olds that can help to choose the appropriate books for kids.

#1 The Guardians: Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

Is one of the best books for 7 year olds as the story has many diverse characters that make it magical. The story involves the greatest thief Nicholas St. North who then becomes a hero, together with Ombric the wizard, the valiant young girl Katherine and the spectral boy Nightlight.

The Nightmare King Pitch and his minions, who have been frozen in prison for centuries, accidentally woke up with the stray moon beam. All together, the characters must fight against them to prevent the darkness and nightmares to create havoc and ruin the world.

Written by William Joyce & Laura Geringer, this book is the first book to the series of The Guardians, right after The Man in the Moon. The book includes illustrations that are perfect for the story and will awaken the child’s magical imagination.


#2 The New Captain Underpants Collection

Is one of the available good books for 7 year olds written by Dav Pilkey. Dav is an award-winning writer of more than forty books for children and this collection includes five Captain Underpants books in one set. Among the kids stories these days, many children will love this as it has five times the action and five times the adventure.

Kids can join with George and Harold as they go on an adventure with the amazing Captain Underpants. Together they combat against Dr. Diaper, confront the talking toilets, fight the wicked Wedgie Woman, and conspire against Professor Poopypants and more.

The Captain Underpants collection is one of the most well-liked contemporary books for 7 year old. Children will enjoy the Flip-O-Rama animation technique of this boxed collection that also emphasizes friendship and celebrates the success of the generous.


#3 The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Is a perfect book for someone who is undergoing the awkward puberty stage, or for tween aged child. This rare novel in cartoons of Jeff Kinney has captured the imagination with wit of many young kids. Kinney’s slapstick comedy novel was chosen as a Best Seller of New York Times too.

The Wimpy Kid in the story is Greg Heffley and he is not a likeable type of kid. He is a troublemaker, the premature skeptic and lies all the time. Greg is not even that type of kid who makes trouble to explore new things in life; instead he avoids life than living it.

Perhaps, Kinney wrote the real life of many middle school students. The slapstick illustrations of the characters, cafeteria, trucks and events in the book make it realistic and enjoyable to read for children.


#4 Magic Tree House: Stallion by Starlight

Is one of the best books written by Mary Pope Osborne as part of the Magic Tree House book series. This series features the character Annie and Jack heading back to prehistoric Greece.

They join on an adventure with Alexander the Great when he was a young child and Bucephalus, his stallion. This series of Magic Tree House can get kids, teachers and even parents get hooked with its blend of adventure, history and magic.

Kids from 6 to 8 years old will not be disappointed as this Magic Treehouse Book Series is filled with interesting and fresh adventure, just like when the 12-year old Alexander won and tame his horse.


#5 It’s So Amazing!

Is a perfect book for children to read before they reach puberty. Robie Harris wrote this book to provide simple explanation of male and female body parts. This may be included in one of your baby books as it has comic style artwork and clear texts.

Kids will enjoy the cartoon illustrations too and will be guided by a bird and bee throughout the book. If you want books for kindergarteners or first grade children who are curious where does a baby come from, this book presents the answers of healthy understanding their bodies in a simple and fun way. The child can be ready for any changes to take place during puberty, pregnancy and more.


This is just a short list of books for 7 year olds but there are more out there in libraries and bookstores that will surely awaken your child’s imagination and develop his reading skills. Parents must be responsible in choosing books that will make the child interested and engaging. It must also help in the child’s comprehension and learning valuable lessons in life.