Books for 6 Year Olds

Full Collection of 9 Best Books for 6 Year Olds

Table of Contents

 1. Lion Who Has Never Given Up  |  2. Where the Sidewalks Ends  |  3. What to Do When You Worry Too Much  |  4. Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing  |  5. A Light in the Attic  |  6. The Lorax  |  7. Where Did I Come From  |  8. Kids’ Paper Airplane Book  |  9. The Little Engine That Could  |  Please leave your feedback



#1 Lion Who Has Never Given Up

The Lion Who Has Never Given Up is a great book for kid’s ages three to six years old. The book tells a story about a lion that is determined to hear his greatest roar and never stops to practice every day.

This book is a wonderful choice since it comes with colorful and creative illustrations that will certainly attract the attention of the kids.

Not only that, this also includes a free video book version for your kids to watch the whole movie on the computer or the television. Your kids will certainly have fun reading this wonderful book and you can also read this book to them.


#2 Where the Sidewalks Ends

A wonderful collection of children’s poetry by Shel Silverstein, this is considered one of the best books for 6 year olds. In 2007, the National Education Association deemed it one of the “Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children.”

Basically, the poems include a wide range of topics that go well beyond where the sidewalk ends.

From a girl who tried to eat an entire whale to entering a deserted house to someone trying to sell their little sister, this is a fun, joyous collection of great poems that’s the perfect introduction to poetry for 6 year olds.


#3 What to Do When You Worry Too Much

This guidebook written by Dr. Dawn Huebner helps children overcome their anxiety and show kids a new way of life. This is one of the best books for 6 year olds because it effectively deals with many of the fears these children have.

It addresses the core issue of anxiety and how fears control their actions.

The simple techniques taught in this book have helped many thousands of children overcome their anxieties and face new challenges.

For parents who have anxious children, this is one of the best kids books that can be purchased.


#4 Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

A simple, yet profound book contains many thoughts on faith written by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Fully illustrated and presenting many powerful spiritual truths, this book taps into the insights starting with creation through history, science and the thoughts of great thinkers, writers and preachers.

The book itself is geared towards faith in God and is perfect for bedtime or story time reading and family devotionals.Containing many great passages, stories and thoughts that will lift your heart, this book for kids is perfect for the family wishing to pass of their love of God and faith to their children.


#5 A Light in the Attic

This is a collection of poems by famed American poet and children’s author Shel Silverstein. There are a number of great poems in this collection which has often been referred to as a great introduction to poetry books for kids.

There are a number of great poems here that kids can relate to starting with “What Did?” about what some objects say to other objects, “Shaking” when a girl attempts to make a milkshake by shaking a cow and “Day After Halloween” when a person tries to sell monster heads on the day after Halloween. There are 27 poems in this collection which many kids will relate to and read over and over again.


#6 The Lorax

This is highly regarded as one of the best children story books about the environment, this classic book written by Dr. Suess.

Published in 1971, the Lorax is a creature who tries to protect nature against the corporate greed of the Once-ler.

A story told in flashbacks, the Once-ler describes how he cut down all the Truffala trees despite the warnings from the rather bossy Lorax about the dangers of what would happen.

The book itself seems rather sad, albeit with a hopeful ending that children can learn about the environment and how it must be preserved.


#7 Where Did I Come From

This story, told by author Peter Mayle and illustrated by Arthur Robins, is one that answers a question almost all children have at this age. This is one of the necessary books for 6 year olds as it is tastefully illustrated and even quite humorous at times in explaining the delicate story of how all of us come to being.

The book itself manages to strike the proper balance between providing enough information to explain to children where we come from without overloading them with concepts that they are too young to understand.


#8 Kids’ Paper Airplane Book

One of the simplest, yet best children books because it taps into their creative resources by providing innumerable paper airplane designs that can be created.

Written by Ken Blackburn, who once set a Guinness Book of World Records flight with a paper airplane.

Jeff Lammers, a mechanical engineer provides plenty of designs, instructions, information and fun trivia about paper airplanes that many children and even adults will enjoy.

This creative book for kids is perfect for those who love paper airplanes.


#9 The Little Engine That Could

First published in 1930 from Platt & Munk, this timeless story about the value of hard work and optimism can overcome challenges that may seem impossible. The story, along with the phrase “I Think I Can” which motivates the little train to succeed, have together crafted on the classic books for six year olds.

The story itself has many attributions, though Arnold Munk is the one who authored and published the most famous version of this story. A long train of cars must be pulled over a tall mountain and many larger train engines refuse because the task seems impossible. However, a little train engine takes on the job and succeeds by repeating the phrase “I Think I Can” while pulling the cars over the mountain.